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At Ilógica we seek to create digital products with a strategic point of view, designing with a focus on users but also responding to the needs of the business and the context in which the solution will be developed.

What drives Our work

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We create value for our clients by making their objectives our own, seeking solutions from an analytical and constructive perspective. We are at the forefront of digital strategy and experience. We promote a culture of happiness in everything we do.

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Our team’s creativity has no limits. We are more than 50 people distributed across Chile and Colombia, committed to the international market, developing services and products in more than 10 countries.

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Santiago, Chile

Our adventure began 12 years ago and 9 years later we moved to the capital. We have worked on more than 100 projects across Chile, enjoying wet winters and lively summers.

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Medellín, Colombia

We are dreamers and entrepreneurs, so we wanted to take our experience to Colombia. We worked hard to grow and opened an office in one of the most innovative cities in the world, generating more than 20 projects.

Discover Our history


Starting as his dream project, Claudio Navarro founded Ilógica, a small web agency in Viña del Mar, offering design and development services to local clients.


Two new partners joined Ilógica: Felipe Guerra and Álvaro Meza. That same year we moved to Santiago to offer our services from the capital of Chile.


After prospecting the Colombian market and developing various local projects, Ilógica opened an office there, attracting new local talent and clients.


We celebrated 10 years of work with a team of more than 30 professionals, based in Santiago and Medellín.


With 50 Ilógica team members and more than 300 projects completed in 10 countries, we launched our new corporate image.