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SURA Asset Management

Sura Asset Management is a company specialized in saving and investment, a subsidiary
of the Group SURA, with presence in Chile, Colombia, México, Perú, Uruguay and El Salvador.

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The challenge was to carry out research that would allow us to set guidelines and standardize working methods, especially when evaluating prototypes and ideas with users, in addition to carrying out usability tests with them.

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After a process of research and interviews with SURA teams from different countries, we identified the needs of the UX teams, which allowed us to develop a Playbook with theoretical information, practical and downloadable data to develop UX assessments.

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We built a common foundation of UX evaluation methodologies for the teams in each country, allowing them to obtain comparable or similar results, share information between cells, lay down a “way of doing things” that is useful when new members join the team, and save time when preparing inputs such as reports by using templates.

We delivered the Playbook at the end of 2020 so that every SURA UX team in the 10 countries of the region can start using it from 2021.

We took all the ongoing UX projects within SURA and the quest to define clear guidelines in terms of work processes and methodologies, and transferred them to an internal project featuring theoretical information, practical data and downloadable documents, so as to improve the capacity and level of our UX evaluation.

This work took about 10 months to complete and is now a master guide used by companies in nine countries across the region.

Debora Starocelsky, Deputy Marketing Manager SURA Asset Management.

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14 evaluation methods were presented with their respective step-by-step instructions.

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Improvement in submission deadlines

We created templates to save time and improve team deadlines.

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We have created 2 posters with extra information for the teams to have readily available.

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