Digital channel optimization

We set indicators and measure conversion funnel performance to achieve better results.

Digital analytics: web and mobile

We can help you enhance your digital analytics strategy, or create one from scratch if you haven’t got one.

To achieve the objectives of your digital channels, whether they are websites or mobile applications, defining and monitoring performance indicators is key.

At Ilógica we design measurement and implementation plans for digital analytics. We set in motion a process that involves collecting data and processing it into actual information, developing key performance indicators and creating control panels to support decision makers.

Data visualization

We facilitate the decision making process through reports with actionable data.

We automate everything that can and should be. Reports are precisely the kind of task that should be correctly designed to extract relevant and timely information, allowing us to focus on the stories that they can help uncover. Spend more time making good decisions and less on creating manual reports.

We help you gather all your data in one place with user-friendly dashboards.

Case studies:

Campaign performance.

Web analytics reports.

Organic positioning panels.

Mobile app performance.

Contactability reports.

Cross-selling reports with digital channels and media.

CRO: Conversion optimization

Do you want to increase your leads, improve conversion rates or boost your digital channel sales? We can help you improve micro and macro conversion performance.

Our focus on analytics and user experience allows us to identify your business opportunities by studying key conversion flows. These findings translate into tasks that can enhance the benefits achieved by your organization through well-developed digital channels.

This service is generally included in large projects. Let us know if you would like to evaluate a particular CRO case, and we will more than happy to assist you.

SEO: Organic search engine positioning

More than 35% of all traffic in major industries is organic (visits from search engines) and its performance exceeds that of direct channels tenfold. This alone is reason enough to claim that SEO (organic search engine optimization) is now more relevant than ever.


As search engine algorithms and user preferences are constantly evolving, developing and maintaining a long-term SEO strategy is vital to staying ahead of the game, achieving good performance and standing up to our competitors.

SEO is about ranking and competition, and everyone plays by the same rules. If we don’t do it, someone else will and take advantage of transforming that traffic into conversions.


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