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Client Sky Costanera

Sky Costanera

Sky Costanera is the Cencosud S.A. business unit responsible for operating the tourist viewpoint located on the 60th and 61st floors of the Torre Costanera Centre, the tallest building in Latin America.


The challenge was to present viewpoint visitors with a fun, educational and entertaining experience that would guide them through the city’s various landmarks and let them appreciate Santiago’s importance as a tourist destination.


After a collaborative creative process between the teams at Cencosud and Ilógica, the project was taken one step further by offering a historical tour at Sky Costanera. Here, users could witness Santiago as they had never seen it before, through an App that transported them to the past and put them at the centre of that world.


The Sky Costanera App became the most downloaded App during its launch and the following months, and is now a perfect companion and digital souvenir for all those who visit the viewpoint. A memorable experience at 300 metres above sea level.

“The challenge with Ilógica was learning how to drive and steer many ideas and international references, decanting them into an App that could succeed in capturing our vision of what Sky Costanera should become for tourists and Chileans visiting it, with its main focus on the city of Santiago, now and in the past.”

Loreto Diaz, Operations Manager of Sky Costanera.

More than 100,000 downloads

on user smartphones from more than 50 different countries.

Continuous improvement

in design, content and constant improvements in the App experience.

24/7 Support

We provided additional hosting services using our own servers and 24/7 support through monitoring tools to ensure the App’s smooth operation.