TEVA Laboratorio Chile

Laboratorio Chile is part of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a world leader in the development and production of medicines.


The challenge was to build a website that could offer value to users through more accessible and user-friendly content, allowing them to find useful information about products.


We managed to develop an integrated web platform with a series of services via an API that, through its query and search functionalities, allows users to access technical information about products, their availability, stock and location.


We improved the user experience in terms of navigation and access to information on medicines, all the while promoting new content. We managed to position the products at the top of the search results thanks to improved SEO, which eventually led to longer user sessions and new visitors.


More than 400 records were added, between bioequivalent and generic products.


Integrations with an inventory stock system and geographical availability of external systems to manage references with a 48-hour delay.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly improving the user experience, design and content.

Laboratorio Chile

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